The Dresden RPG is a rather Free Form RPG set in the world of Jim Butcher’s Dresden books and uses the “FATE” System.

If you are not familiar with the Dresden books, its basically an urban fantasy. There are ghosts, and werewolves and mages and vampires and Faeries (I believe Butcher seriously cribbed from White Wolf for a lot of his stuff. The fact that he used to play on GarouMUSH only heightened that opinion). For the most part mortals are unaware, but there are often nods to the fact that ‘something’ is out there. You’ve got your share of reporters writing stories (which are ignored by the mainstream media). The Police in Chicago have a “Special Unit” division that deals with the weird stuff.

Character creation is much more based on story than on numbers (though numbers fit in) in addition to assigning attributes and scores, you pick a template (Wizard, Soldier of God, Faerie, Mortal) Then you pick a High Concept (Soldier of Fortune, Wizard Private Eye, State Coroner) and a Trouble (Demon Boyfriend, Parents killed by Acrobats, Horrible Tourettes).

After that you actually write a bit about your character. You write a “Were did you come from” a “What shaped you” a “First Adventure” and two “Guest Stories” where you have other PCs as guests in a story of yours. These bits help you nail down your character and also provide “aspects” of your character that can give you bonuses to rolls. If your what shaped you was ‘Love for your mother’ then if the situation could involve ‘love for your mother’ then you get a +1 or +2 bonus to your roll.

THEN you work on stats.

In addition to creating your character, all the players work with the GM to create the city (based on Atlanta). Everyone is encouraged to write a few places and NPCs to help hook the world. It helps make a rounded world.

Dresden Files - Atlanta

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