Dresden Files - Atlanta

December 9th - Also Sketchy,

Performed ritual to restore the memories of Dr Brenneman, the curator mind-controlled by the black court. It worked, but in the course of things, the voice of the vampire spoke and was very cross with us for taking away his control. “People will die tonight and it will be on your hands,” or something like that. Rowan came away with a headache and a nosebleed but otherwise success!

Dr B recalls now that he removed the gem four times and gave it to the creature, who claimed that it was rightfuly his (One wonders then why he returned it to the museum each time – maybe to cover up his actions?) The jewels were in fact once the property of Romanian royalty and belived to summon guardian spirits & burn enemies.

Dr B lent us some “authentic relics” from the archives(what could possibly go wrng) that we migth be able to use to ward off the Black Court. We dropped him off at home with advice not to come out until sunrise and to try to “make the place a little more homey. Maybe get a pet.”

Following up on the death-threats: Cameras we planted at the three properties showed cars coming and going and in one case a person brought back and thrown into the gated yard where a rhino-sized hellhound (or the like) devoured him. We stopped the next such car while it was still on the road back. One newly converted vampire and two renfields (mindless thug minions) had kidnapped two teenagers. I hexed the engine to fail. Then Sharon intimidated the vamp into thinking she worked for his boss (or something) and hand the hostages over to her. Once they were clear, we blew up the car with the three monsters inside it. So, that was good I guess.

Meanwhile Christine of the ghostly-grandmother is beyond anything we know how to do to save her. We explain the situation (what little we know) Determine by trial-and-error that she will not burst into flames in sunlight, then run out of ideas. We go to Warden Sykes for advice and to tell him about all of our shennanigans. He suggests we take her to the Order of St Giles, which apparently knows what to do about things like this. He also gives us a stone ring that will react to death energy and he will know if old blackie attacks us and (hopefully) come help.

So, next time -off to talk to the Order of St Giles?
(What did I miss?)


kingfrog368 TMaurer

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