Dresden Files - Atlanta

October sessions (Very sketchy Summary - alas)

3 sites with imported Eastern European soil (likely Black Court vampire hideout)
2 gated houses, “1 castle”
Set up cameras & other observation,
saw limos leaving castle once, truck bringing in meat as to feed animals
Flowers at the perimeter of each property are part of a spell to detect intruders

Meanwhile, a rough week in trailer park land, ghosts spying for Sharon report that “The Grand High Wizard” visited in a limo and was seen holding a big orb that (If I recall correctly) could be used to summon things to burn people who did not obey him.

Also, Mitch’s surveillance of same trailer park saw a separate incident where some dark-suited men in yet-another-limo and informed the locals that “nothing happened and you didn’t see anything.” Money may have changed hands? Those who did not agree to the cover-up were taken away. (I think Mitch got info on this limo. Tire tracks?)

An Adam Raith called Ignatz Smythe (Gives him a phone number)
Needs potion to reduce protection from psychic attack – Ignaz provided five

A ghost named Margaret asked Sharon to help her granddaughter Kristin
boyfriend is treating her badly
Investigation – it appears the guy is white court
Turns out that he is the same Adam Raith

(Sharon and Rowan go to Decatur) Kristyn doesn’t believe us bout her grandmother warning, but we leave her a phone number

My contacts surprised that a Raith is in town. This is Skavis territory
Skavis feed on despair, not lust (Raiths feed on lust)

Grandmother is surveilling Kristin for us at night, will warn us if she is in danger
Mitch puts a tracking device on her car.

Ignatz goes to talk to Adam (hoping he will find Black Court info valuable and we can negotiate about Kristin)
Wizard / vap treaties preclude just killing him w/o negotiation
Adam is not interested in hearing about the Black Court, not worried about it. Doesn’t seem to know who they are

We speculate that maybe Adam is new/clueless or exiled?

Discuss possibly contacting the Skavis – supposedly they also hate Black Court.


kingfrog368 TMaurer

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