Dresden Files - Atlanta


A Rowan Oxford Adventure,
Guest-Starring Mitchell Carmichael and “Ricky”

Jonah’s Books is a nice old store, the kind that’s getting harder to find nowadays. The place used to be a house, and the layout hasn’t changed all that much, meaning a crowded maze of bookshelves that surprises you with one more room of books you haven’t noticed yet, big windows letting in natural light, and a scattering of worn armchairs to sit and read.

Even better, there’s a back room library for approved customers only, Jonah calls it “The Belly of the Whale.” He’s a funny guy. That room has the occult books – not fluffy self-help or snake oil, but the real deal. It took me months to convince him to let me use that room, and it’s a damned valuable resource, so when he told me the books back there were being mysteriously damaged, I broke my usual “don’t get involved” rule and offered to help.

Frigid Heat of the Southern Summer

A Mitchell Carmichael Adventure,
Guest-Starring Sharon Crowley and “Rickey”

It seemed so much more straightforward. Where before I had been industriously engaged in redacted, now I was living in the big city doing work as a specialist and consultant for Umbra Security. John Ponzero was a typical real-estate mogul: all ego and mouth, and me with no painkillers for the two-hour drive to central Georgia where he was planning to make his next killing.

We made it into town before lunch. He had talked non-stop about his favorite subjects (himself, his hot wife, his hotter mistress, and money), I needed a drink, and to cap it off I was immediately put on edge. Something just didn’t seem right, and it wasn’t just the 103 degrees at 11:30 in early July. Town square (yes, they still have those in picturesque little towns off of I-16) contained a number of pine-pollen-covered vehicles, but in the steamy heat no-one was to be seen moving about on the sidewalks. We got out at City Hall, where John planned to investigate the finer, non-computerized details of some of the local property ownership, and we had made it nearly to the building when it hit me.

Pollen season was months ago.


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