Dresden Files - Atlanta

December 9th - Also Sketchy,

Performed ritual to restore the memories of Dr Brenneman, the curator mind-controlled by the black court. It worked, but in the course of things, the voice of the vampire spoke and was very cross with us for taking away his control. “People will die tonight and it will be on your hands,” or something like that. Rowan came away with a headache and a nosebleed but otherwise success!

Dr B recalls now that he removed the gem four times and gave it to the creature, who claimed that it was rightfuly his (One wonders then why he returned it to the museum each time – maybe to cover up his actions?) The jewels were in fact once the property of Romanian royalty and belived to summon guardian spirits & burn enemies.

Dr B lent us some “authentic relics” from the archives(what could possibly go wrng) that we migth be able to use to ward off the Black Court. We dropped him off at home with advice not to come out until sunrise and to try to “make the place a little more homey. Maybe get a pet.”

Following up on the death-threats: Cameras we planted at the three properties showed cars coming and going and in one case a person brought back and thrown into the gated yard where a rhino-sized hellhound (or the like) devoured him. We stopped the next such car while it was still on the road back. One newly converted vampire and two renfields (mindless thug minions) had kidnapped two teenagers. I hexed the engine to fail. Then Sharon intimidated the vamp into thinking she worked for his boss (or something) and hand the hostages over to her. Once they were clear, we blew up the car with the three monsters inside it. So, that was good I guess.

Meanwhile Christine of the ghostly-grandmother is beyond anything we know how to do to save her. We explain the situation (what little we know) Determine by trial-and-error that she will not burst into flames in sunlight, then run out of ideas. We go to Warden Sykes for advice and to tell him about all of our shennanigans. He suggests we take her to the Order of St Giles, which apparently knows what to do about things like this. He also gives us a stone ring that will react to death energy and he will know if old blackie attacks us and (hopefully) come help.

So, next time -off to talk to the Order of St Giles?
(What did I miss?)

Nov 15th (very sketchy)

Add notes here…

October sessions (Very sketchy Summary - alas)

3 sites with imported Eastern European soil (likely Black Court vampire hideout)
2 gated houses, “1 castle”
Set up cameras & other observation,
saw limos leaving castle once, truck bringing in meat as to feed animals
Flowers at the perimeter of each property are part of a spell to detect intruders

Meanwhile, a rough week in trailer park land, ghosts spying for Sharon report that “The Grand High Wizard” visited in a limo and was seen holding a big orb that (If I recall correctly) could be used to summon things to burn people who did not obey him.

Also, Mitch’s surveillance of same trailer park saw a separate incident where some dark-suited men in yet-another-limo and informed the locals that “nothing happened and you didn’t see anything.” Money may have changed hands? Those who did not agree to the cover-up were taken away. (I think Mitch got info on this limo. Tire tracks?)

An Adam Raith called Ignatz Smythe (Gives him a phone number)
Needs potion to reduce protection from psychic attack – Ignaz provided five

A ghost named Margaret asked Sharon to help her granddaughter Kristin
boyfriend is treating her badly
Investigation – it appears the guy is white court
Turns out that he is the same Adam Raith

(Sharon and Rowan go to Decatur) Kristyn doesn’t believe us bout her grandmother warning, but we leave her a phone number

My contacts surprised that a Raith is in town. This is Skavis territory
Skavis feed on despair, not lust (Raiths feed on lust)

Grandmother is surveilling Kristin for us at night, will warn us if she is in danger
Mitch puts a tracking device on her car.

Ignatz goes to talk to Adam (hoping he will find Black Court info valuable and we can negotiate about Kristin)
Wizard / vap treaties preclude just killing him w/o negotiation
Adam is not interested in hearing about the Black Court, not worried about it. Doesn’t seem to know who they are

We speculate that maybe Adam is new/clueless or exiled?

Discuss possibly contacting the Skavis – supposedly they also hate Black Court.

Two Guys, a Girl and a Trailer Park
In which a Fox, a Seal and a Wizard visit with skinheads

Mitchell’s Story:
Over the years, I’ve been to my fair share of hospitals. Afghanistan, Iraq, Texarcana, Columbus – I’ve seen my share of them. Seems that getting banged up and scraped pretty good is a side benefit of the job. First it was doing my part for King and Country. Now, it’s generally doing my day job as a security specialist for Umbra.

Hospitals. They cover a wide range. In Chicago, the University Medical Center has a head chef, and even the staff kitchen/canteen is a place the patients and visitors go to eat. The food is freaking fantastic. Shame you have to get by a guard who makes sure you have business in the building to get there – it is that good. Omlettes, sandwiches, full meals made to order at no fewer than five separate cooking stations. If THAT isn’t good enough, there are restaurants like “Au Bon Pain” there, serving up some truly fantastic food.

Then, there is Atlanta.

So, a Real-Estate Investor, a Were-fox, and a Seal walk into a hotel...
In which a Seal goes Crunch, real-estate guy wheezes, and The Fox benchpresses an impressive haul

Mitchell’s Story:
I woke up the same way I normally do – the burner rang. “This is Mitch…” I started. “Mitch, my MAN!” crowed John Ponzero’s voice from the phone. Dammit, I told them not to give him to me again! I thought vainly. The only way John had this number is if Umbra gave it to him, because he doesn’t know anyone else who has it. That makes this a real work call – I can’t just blow it off. Damnit

John went on to detail his cunning plans to make a mint in real-estate in Atlanta. Yeah, that’s gonna work in this economy. “You know this zip code?” he asked, and proceeded to give me a string of digits.

“Sure.” I non-commented, thinking that once again, Google was about to be my best friend. My only friend, actually. I don’t get much of a social life at the moment. We set up a time and place to meet the next day.

Forewarned is forearmed. This time, I came with a bottle of Extra-strength Tylenol for the ride. I popped half-a-dozen before I left the apartment.

Something Sticky This Way Comes

An Ignaz Adventure,
Guest-Starring Mitchell Carmichael, Doogan St James, and Rowan Oxford.

We shall never speak of this again.

Wood Elves of Hemlock Park

A Rickey Adventure
Guest-Starring Ignaz Smyth and John Glass

…Aaah! Faery!

Things That Go Bump in the Night

A John Glass Adventure,
Guest-Starring Mitchell Carmichael and Sharon Crowley

Something is amiss at Grady…

My phone rang. Jeeze, it’s 23:30! What the hell? Checking the CallerID, I saw a number downtown – the 404 area code is a dead giveaway. I picked it up to make the noise stop. “Hello?”

“Yeah, I’m looking for Mitch…” the voice began.

“Billy? BILLY MANSON? How the hell are you doing?” I asked. “Man, it’s been what, five years? I haven’t seen you since that last firefight south of Bagdad.”

“Damn, Mitch. You remember my voice from that? uh…Wow.”

“Dude, I never forget guys who have my back! What’re you doing this weekend? Let’s go grab a beer,” I offered. I hadn’t seen Billy in a seriously long time. It would be good to see someone else who made it through.

“Uh…actually, I’m calling you about work. You’re security now, right?” His voice was hesitant, uneasy. Something is up here I thought.

“Yeah. Contractor as well as freelance. You the client?” I grabbed a notepad and pen. I wasn’t so pressed in my schedule that I couldn’t help out a fellow brother-in-arms in need.

“Uh, not really. Look, there’s something going on. I don’t have a lot of time here, so let me explain. There’s this guy – John Glass. He was a Field Medic in the Sandbox, and I think he’s in trouble.”

Ghost of a Chance

A Sharon Crowley Adventure,
Guest-Starring Doogan St James and Rowan Oxford

Who is buried in A.H. Stephens’ Tomb?…

Where Wolves Run

A Doogan St James Adventure,
Guest-Starring John Glass and Rowan Oxford

Doogan Meets a Werewolf…


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